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Transfer of Existing SRECs

Existing systems accepted in the SRECDelaware program are eligible to sell all existing SRECs generated after June 1st, 2011 at their contract price.  In order to exercise this option, systems must move the SRECs they wish to sell into the SRECDelaware PJM-GATS account.  Please note that this is a separate requirement from the PJM-GATS schedule A, PJM-GATS will not move existing SRECs from your account unless they system owner initiates the transfer from within their PJM-GATS account.  Accepted system owners wishing to sell any SRECs generated between June 1st, 2011 and today, please complete the following steps by Friday, June 15th.

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Transfer Agreements Available

Transfer Agreements are available for all systems that were winning bids in the Pilot Program Solicitation.  Winning bidders can log into their dashboard where they can complete the Agreements online, print and sign the agreement, and then either scan and upload or fax the completed agreements back.  Signed Transfer Agreements are due by May 25th.

Bid Deposit Returns

We will begin processing bid deposit returns for unsuccessful bids the week of April 23rd.  All bid deposits will be returned using the direct deposit information provided during the application.  Anyone requiring a revocation of a letter of credit or bid bond should contact directly.

All Tiers Now Closed

Tiers 2B and 3 were closed at 5:00 PM EST on Friday April 13th.  We will continue to update applications status as bid deposits are received on Monday and will contact any facilities requiring minor corrections on Monday, April 16th.

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Tier 1 and 2A Closed

Tier 1 and 2A were fully subscribed by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, as a result both tiers were closed at that time.  All applications for Tier 1 and 2A must have been received by 5:00 on Friday and all bid deposits must have been initiated prior to that time.  We will continue to update applications status as bid deposits are received on Monday and will contact any facilities requiring minor corrections during the week of April 9-13.

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Frequently Asked Questions 3/29/2012

Can I retract my bid after I have been notified that I won in the solicitation?

A bid is a commitment to sign and comply with the terms of the transfer agreement.  Bids can not be retracted after the solicitation round in which they were entered has closes.  All winning bidders are required to complete the projects they submitted or face the non-performance penalties listed in the procurement documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions 3/22/2012

Can Tier 1 projects that recieved funding assistance throught the RGGI iniative apply for the pilot program?

Per section 4.3 of the Procurement filing “Tier 2-B and Tier 3 projects may only participate in the SREC Procurement Pilot Program if they do not receive any supplemental funding from a public source (other than grants in lieu of investment tax credits).   Tier 1 and Tier 2-A projects may accept such grants in lieu of investment tax credits as well as grants associated with the Delaware Green Energy Program (“GEP”).”  This would preclude a project that received any other funding, unless it came through via the GEP program.

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Frequently Asked Questions 3/20/2012

Who can act as an owner representative.  Do you have a list of third party owner representatives?

Many solar installers are acting as owner representatives for systems they installed, we recommend that all system owners contact their installer to verify that they are indeed willing to act as the owner representative for their system.  There is also a list of third party owner representatives on the website under Contact.

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Frequently Asked Questions 3/15/2012

Do I need to have a PJM-GATS account set up to enter a bid?

No.  While existing systems will already be in a PJM-GATS account, all systems that win a solicitation slot will be moved to the SEU PJM-GATS aggregate.  Systems not yet built will be enrolled in the SEU PJM-GATS aggregate when they are completed.  All owner representative duties will be completed on the website and owner representatives will not require a PJM-GATS account.

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