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2013 Results to be Announced, Wednesday, 5/1/2013

The summary results for the 2013 SRECDelaware Program will be announced on Wednesday, 5/1/2013. The SRECDelaware Administrator is awaiting “bid” revisions for projects that are tied for a position in the Program. Emails were sent to applicants involved in a bid tie or “partial fill” scenario on Tuesday,4/23/2013. All applicants involved in a bid tie or “partial fill” scenario must respond to the SRECDelaware Administrator by Tuesday, 4/30/2013, per the rules outlined in Section 7.2 of the of the 2013 SRECDelaware Program filing with the Delaware Public Service Commission.

2013 Preliminary Results To Be Announced

The 2013 SREC solicitation will announce preliminary results for certain winners. Initial winning bids in Tiers N1, N2, and E1 will be notified by email and on the dashboard by the end of Friday, 4/26/2013. Losing applications will not be announced until next week. The remaining results are pending the process described in Section 7.1 of the solicitation rules. , which state:

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Frequently Asked Questions 3/28/2013

I don’t have a revenue grade meter and don’t want to purchase one until I find out if I’ve won. Can I check “Revenue Grade Meter” on my application with the understanding that I’ll install a revenue grade meter once I find out that I’ve won?

Yes. Systems simply need to have a revenue grade meter installed once they’ve won a contract. They do not need to be installed to bid.

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Program Details for 2013 DE procurement available at

Program summary and details for the 2013 Delaware SREC Procurement have been posted on the SRECDelaware website. A webinar will be held on March 21st which will cover the solictation process and offer an opportunity to ask questions about the Procurement process. Applications will be accepted starting March 25th and running through April 12th. All tiers will be bid based on price, so applications can be accepted at any time during the open period without impacting a bid’s chance of winning.